Israel Campos at Contemporary Print Media Research Center

Our third visiting artist and an UCSC alumni Israel Campos, will be working on his new print projects at the center from April 30 through May 25, 2018.

Israel plans to develop a body of work utilizing multiple print processes including photo-etching to explore the contemporary cultural landscape of Santa Cruz and the transformation the city has undertaken since he last visited the city as a student.  Cities across the country are experiencing a transformation driven by an affluent class.  Israel plans to investigate if Santa Cruz is experiencing some of the drastic changes currently underway in Los Angeles.

Artist Bio:

Israel Campos is a California born artist currently living and working in Los Angeles.

His work primarily draws from his experiences living in Los Angeles as well as from Mexican traditions, and contemporary social issues. His is heavily influenced by his upbringing in a community of first generation Mexican immigrants and the relationship of his community with an ever-changing urban landscape. The L.A. he draws from is heavily industrial and predominantly working class. The sunshine and palm trees of the city are backdrops to sewing machines and 18 wheelers. Israel synthesizes and explores American and Mexican Cultures in his work as a reflection of the same cultural fusion happening throughout Los Angeles.

Israel graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2011 developing his practice as a print media artist. He later graduated with an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His work is in the permanent collections of the Kohler Art Library, the Zuckerman Museum of Art and the Oregon College of Art and Craft. He has exhibited in venues across the country including the ArtHelix Gallery in New York City, the Ronna And Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art in Portland, Oregon, and the Juanita Lowe Art Gallery in Imperial, California.

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