Visiting Artists

The Contemporary Print media Research Center fosters a multidisciplinary research framework and develops integrative research and innovative projects in print media.


Artists and scholars will be invited to produce new work at the center. We will consider inviting and selecting applicants from varied geographical, social and cultural backgrounds to include local applicants from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz County; National applicants from across the country; and International applicants.

Our visiting artist program will support artists and scholars in carrying out innovative projects by providing them with up-to-date resources and a well-equipped studio space at the center. UCSC students will interact and participate in each visiting artist’s project. A group of selected students will assist in the completion of edition projects under faculty supervision and with the visiting artist’s/scholars guidance. By participating in professional practice of artistic and scholarly research students will acquire unique working practices and knowledge of divers skill sets, while also gaining cultural exposure of the unique individuals selected to participate in the program.

A professor at the Fine Arts Institute of Sichuan Normal University in Chengdu, Xiang Silou carried out a month-long residency working in the center’s newly created visiting artist studio from April 20th through May 20th 2016.   Silou created two new woodblock prints and held workshops and classroom demos for UCSC students. 

Extraordinary woodblock prints by visiting Chinese artist on exhibit at UC Santa Cruz

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