Tobias Crone at Contemporary Print Media Research Center

Our fourth visiting artist Tobias Crone will be working on his new print and drawing projects at the center from April 10 through May 13, 2019.

After growing up in the swamps of the Northern German province, Tobias Crone studied printmaking at the Art Academy of Groningen in the Netherlands. Having suffered some short but intense romantic affairs with animation movies, installations and theatre, he managed to stick to his true love called intaglio printmaking, once introduced to him by his good ol’ pal, the pencil.

During his stay in Buenos Aires from 2012 to 2017, he began working on a series called ”Person Separation Device“: detailed figurative etchings, aquatints and drawings, the majority of them large monochrome prints with subtle color accents. These works depict fragile persons that get united through the “Person Unification Device” (an object that resembles a mattress), then travel together through a world of desolate swimming pools and tiled bathrooms, and at the end, enter the “Separation Device” (technically a turnstile).

He now lives on the cold hostile grounds of Berlin, continuing to work on his series. His works have been

displayed in various exhibitions around the world and received distinctions like the CIEC Foundation Grant 2018 (Spain) or the 2nd Prize of the Manuel Belgrano Printmaking Award (Argentina).Tobias Crone